Friday, July 15, 2011

More Blog Love from Rachel and Kelly

Part of what makes this job fun for me is meeting some really great women who are also fashion bloggers, designers and stylists. I can say without doubt that everyone I've met and talked to have been so fantastic to work with, and Rachel of Capturing Italy and Kelly of BussBuss are no exception. I was very fortunate that they wore, modeled and blogged about a couple of Ayana Designs pieces.

Rachel, a fashion blogger and emerging fashion designer, is wearing the Amelia necklace, and really, the pictures will tell you how fantastic she looks without me having to. And Kelly, a style expert who has appeared on Martha Stewart, wore a custom pearls necklace to both VERANDA Magazine's press party and gala for the unveiling of the House of Windsor (sounds fancy, non?). Be sure to check out Rachel's and Kelly's full post. Thank you, ladies!

Gray Pearl Necklace


  1. Anne, thank you so much for the kind words and for allowing me to have the honor of modeling your gorgeous work of art. It's also a pleasure to be featured with the stylish and talented Kelly from BussBuss. Your designs are so elegant with such a beautiful and unique element... I felt transformed wearing the Amelia and this Gray Pearl necklace is equally stunning! Thanks again and I'm so happy to know you. :)


  2. So happy for you to see now that you get so many followers and love from your fans!! It's absolutely awesome^__^

  3. Thank you ladies! :)

  4. i love them both...the first one especially is exquisite!!

  5. Anonymous10/03/2011

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