Monday, December 13, 2010

Irvine Farmer's Market

Most Saturdays I share a booth with my friend Janet of Studio Blue Jewelry at Irvine Farmer's Market.  This means I wake up at 5am, I try to leave by 5:45, to get there by 6:45 or 7am to set up. Not an easy thing to do on Saturday mornings, but I love the interaction and reactions I get from people who check out my jewelry.

Having been in the online world, producing various different products for websites, I've mostly been behind the computer doing my work. The only times we interacted with our users were if we held focus groups or usability tests. So being out weekly with customers and getting their feedback is my focus group for my jewelry. I see what they like, and what they pass over, and I keep this in mind as I design my line. It's invaluable. Some pics below of last Saturday's market.

Early morning setup:

Irvine Farmer's Market is known for being an organic market. Some beautiful persimmons, grapes and oranges:

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