Thursday, May 26, 2011

Denmark Family Reunion

I've been so busy with launching my site and sponsoring the Ayana Designs necklace giveaway at Couture Carrie (have you entered yet?), that I haven't had time to post pics and write about my trip to Denmark. So I'll start today with the Scheibel family reunion, and talk a little about Copenhagen in a later post.

The Scheibels live in a small town called Naestved, about one hour away from Copenhagen. I think when photographers travel to Denmark to shoot images for postcards, they go here to capture the landscapes. It's a beautiful town, very idyllic, and the frequent rain they get makes everything so lush and green. When it's not raining, it's gorgeous (but I love the rain, so I didn't mind the afternoon rain showers at all). And we were lucky enough to be there during the season when it stays light until about 10pm.

Kim's family had one small get-together with family for coffee, and a larger one the next day for an early dinner. Lucky for me, almost everyone speaks fluent English in Denmark. I would love to learn Danish one day, but I think I'll brush up on my Korean first (one of the many items on my to-do list!).

Here are some pics of the beautiful landscape and Kim's charming family. And next week, our trip into the city of Copenhagen.

Walking Sanne and Sebastian's dog, Buster.

A viking burial mound:

Beautiful forest within walking distance:

Kim's brother Jesper and his son William:

Kim's cousins children:

Getting ready for the next reunion:

Kim and his sister, Sanne:

Kim's cousin:

The hostess, Kim's mother:

The uncle and his wife, and Sanne:

Me and Kim and Sanne's boyfriend, Sebastian:

Kim's dad relaxing after the reunion:

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