Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I love my mom. She, along with my father, uprooted our comfortable lives in Korea and moved away from everything they knew to another country in an effort to give their children a better life. And btw, our lives were perfectly fine in Korea. We had a big house, cars, took fancy vacations, they had good jobs. Not to mention all their friends and family. They gave all that up because they thought it might be better for us out here. Pretty courageous and a pretty big sacrifice.

So, was it worth it? Well, I sit here in my very comfortable house, listening to Pandora on my iPhone, working on launching my jewelry website, a business that might not have been so easy to start in Korea. My husband is working in his office and my dog Pucci is snoozing in the sun, occasionally waking up to growl at some imagined threat.  It hasn't been all roses, but I'd say it was well worth it. Thanks Mom and Dad, for everything you've done for us, and Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers! Some pics below of Mom.

Mom on her wedding day, looking lovely. Love her choice of the 3-strand pearl necklace :)

Mom working. She was featured in an article in the Korean newspaper for being a hot secretary, or something (I'm paraphrasing):

Mom and her best friend:


Me and Mom chillin' (she gave me a bowl cut, but I still love her):


  1. So beautiful! I love your mom's wedding dress picture! Stunning!
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  4. gorgeous photos
    must bring back beautiful memories
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  5. very pretty old/vintage pic of your stylish mom!!! highfive, gabbie from

  6. Wonderful and inspiring post!
    Makes me want to post to my blog about my mom. :)
    I love the photos and the tribute to your mom.

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