Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Color Turquoise

When you walk into my house, you're instantly greeted with a shot of turquoise. When I first moved in, I asked my friend Janet, a former interior designer, to come over and advise me on paint colors. Among the many good advice she gave me, one was the recommendation that I paint the entryway with a color that would give the house its character and mood. What better color, I thought, than turquoise?

I have a mild obsession with the color turquoise. I think it's the perfect color. It's the sexy cousin to the color blue. It looks good on just about everyone - from fair redheads to dark brunettes. It's a strong color, but somehow not overbearing. It looks as good during the day as it does at night. And it looks girly-feminine and cool and sophisticated at the same time. Not many colors can do all that.

Given the way I feel about turquoise, it's not surprising that it's painted on my walls at home, accented with the color red. And this combo has creeped into my jewelry and logo as well. What can I say, when I see a good thing, I stick with it :) Some pics of my house and jewelry below.

The entryway:

My office, looking into the entryway:

Turquoise beaded flowers, work in progress:

Turquoise leather charm bracelet, with red silk ribbon (soon to be for sale):

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