Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jamie Wearing the Lily Coral and Turquoise Necklace

If I had my way, I would personally hand-deliver any piece of jewelry to the person that purchased it, partly to make sure it gets there OK, but mostly so I can be there to insist they put it on immediately so I can take their picture wearing it. That doesn't really happen though. But if it's a friend, they're usually kind enough to send me a picture.

My friend Jamie bought the Lily necklace recently. I'm lucky not just because she bought a necklace from me, but that I can call her a friend. Her intelligence, sense of humor and generosity is inspiring. I have no doubt we will one day see her on Forbe's Most Powerful Woman list.

Here she is wearing the necklace and looking beautiful.


  1. So elegant. I think it is a perfect necklace for the spring & summer time :)


  2. So pretty! Elegant, yet fun. I like the little details too, like the flowers on the clasp.

  3. This is one of my favorite necklaces you have!! :)

    It looks so pretty on your friend. I love that she wore it with a simple black dress because it gives the right pop of color. Plus, it is a statement piece! xoxo

  4. She looks stunning in this necklace! It is so unique and elegant, oh I adore! If you ever need a model, I'm in SoCal and would be honoured to don your gorgeous works of art to promote you as much as possible! ;)


  5. Sooooo gorgeous!


  6. Rachel, thank you I would love that! I'll message you :)


  7. You're too sweet, Anne! Love the necklace and can't wait to show it off this summer :) I'm sure the necklace will get lots of complimets, which will hopefully bring you more business!

  8. What a fabulous statement piece! And it looks amazing on her!